About Prospect and Raven

It’s very difficult to say what you’re ‘about’ when you’re only just setting out. We are a fledgling publishing company who hope to bring exciting, fun novellas to people who enjoy fast genre reads.

Our books feature feisty heroines, mythical creatures, near futures, alternate realities and usually just a dash of romance.

Or they will, just as soon as we start releasing them.

Our first series, Hart and Soul – a near-future, alternate reality in which a doorway to Hell has opened, flooding the streets with ‘Souls’, i.e. Hell’s inmates – chronicles the adventures of Cadence Hart, who has the dangerous and difficult job of policing the dead. Book one, New Dusk, will be released soon.

About Our Books

Prospect and Raven specialises in Novellas. A Novella is a short novel, between 20,000 and 50,000 words. Our Novellas are all part of a series of six or nine books, and will be sold in the following formats:

Book – a Novella length ‘episode’ in the series, usually between 30,000-40,000 words. These will only be available as an ebook version.

Volume – a collection of three ‘books’ into one volume of roughly 90,000 words. The ‘volumes’ are collected for the purpose of print editions for our books, but will also be available in ebook form.

Complete Series – the complete collection of a series in one book bundle, usually 6 or 9 books in total. These will only be available as an ebook version.

Currently, there are no plans to release standalone novellas or novel length works, though we do not rule it out as a future possibility.

About the Author

Liberty Gilmore is the author of the Hart and Soul series, long time book blogger and zombie enthusiast. If she’s not in her cramped little study, blogging or writing, you can usually find her with her nose stuck in a good book, experimenting with the slow cooker, and occasionally even out and about running. Except, it rather resembles stumbling most of the time. In fact, she usually looks a lot like those zombies she’s so fond of, and not the fast kind.

Liberty lives in Shropshire with her fiancé, who will get the upgrade to husband in June 2017. You can find her on Twitter at @libertyfallsdwn.