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Cold Blood

Hart and Soul Book 8: Cold Blood

It’s a Shade. Everything about how it looks tells me that, instinct screaming at me to move, to draw my weapon and cut it down. But its eyes. The eyes stop me.

When Cadence and Matthew make a terrible discovery at an abandoned building site, they learn that the conspiracy they’ve been investigating is far more sinister than they realised.

Worse, they’re running out of time. If their enemies are allowed to continue for much longer, they might not be able to stop them.

But going against them unprepared is suicide. Cadence and Matthew need a plan, and to make one, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

Last Rites

Hart and Soul Book 9: Last Rites

I reach for my sword at the place where it’s normally propped at the side of my bed, fingers closing around thin air before I remember that I no longer have it. It’s the first thing I’m going to have to remedy, the only firm plan I have.

Cadence Hart is lucky to be alive. Her attempt to blow the Demon Blood Conspiracy apart has left her colleague dead, her Soul partner, Matthew, captured and Cadence herself in hospital.

But while Inspector Manning would be happy for her to stay right where she is, thank you very much, Cadence can’t. Because if she doesn’t rescue Matthew, no one else will.

Cadence doesn’t have a plan. She doesn’t even have a sword. But that’s not going to stop her embarking on a one-woman vigilante mission to take down the Demon Blood conspirators once and for all…

Or die trying.

Hell Bent

Hart and Soul Book 7: Hell Bent

We pass an officer who looks about to lose his breakfast. He doesn’t look like someone new in post, which means whatever’s in that warehouse, he hasn’t seen anything like it before.

Someone is trying to get Cadence Hart’s attention.

A man has been found dead, victim of what looks like a ritualistic murder. The killer has left Cadence’s collar number at the crime scene, painted on the wall in blood. But if someone is trying to leave her a message, Cadence isn’t sure what it is. She has no idea who the victim is, or why someone would want to draw her attention to him.

But one thing is clear – a human is responsible, not a Demon or a Soul. As the investigation develops, Cadence finds herself drawn in to the twisted world of the killer – a killer she has more in common with than she might think…

Good Deeds

Hart and Soul Book 4: Good Deeds

The Mayor smiles, a glint of sharp edges in his eyes. “I wouldn’t presume to talk shop while you’re busy saving my life.”

Cadence Hart has survived an attempt on her life, and she’s dealing with it just fine, thank you very much. She doesn’t need to be treated like she’s made of glass, and she definitely doesn’t need to be sent to see a counsellor, no matter what her boss might think is for the best.

What Cadence really needs is to be working - patrolling the streets, chasing down Shades and sending Souls back to the Hell they escaped from. But a routine patrol at a political rally ends violently when Mayor Harvey Curwood is shot, and when it becomes clear that a Soul pulled the trigger, Cadence is tasked with solving his attempted murder.

It should be a simple job of finding the Soul and Deporting them. But Cadence knows better than anyone - even in a world where a flaming sword can distinguish between the innocent and the guilty, morality is never as simple as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

Soul Hunt

Hart and Soul Book 6: Soul Hunt

“Everyone has a weakness, Cadence Hart,” she says, her voice slick as oil in my ears. “Everyone has a pressure point. One word is all it takes. Just one, and I could have you unravelled.”

Cadence Hart has faced Shades, murderous Souls and living people who would hurt her if they could. But none of that compares to a Level Four Soul.

A neighbourhood has been evacuated. The military are on hand to assist. But only Cadence and her fellow Deportations Officers have the weapons that can send a Level Four back to Hell. The trick is getting close enough to do it without getting killed.

Cadence will need all her strength, all her skill if she’s to stay alive, but an encounter with a talking Demon leaves Cadence with questions about her Soul partner Matthew. Questions she can’t afford to think about with a Level Four to deport, but questions that haunt her all the same. Will she survive the battle, or will his secrets destroy them both?

Soul Tithe

Hart and Soul Book 5: Soul Tithe

Before I even get the car parked, I realise the peace of the night has already been broken in a way I wasn’t expecting. My mother is sat on my front porch.

Cadence is finally back on the trail of the Demon Blood conspirators thanks to a lucky break on her last case. But before she can make any real headway with the data she’s acquired, Daniel Charlesworth has a curveball for her. He wants to open the doors of New Dawn to Souls – but only if they can pay.

The change to New Dawn’s religious doctrine throws the city into chaos, with Souls flooding the streets looking for donations. With the police force stretched to their limits just to keep some semblance of control, it will take more than just their usual tactics to solve the issues Charlesworth has caused.

But the situation also presents Cadence with an opportunity to solve another problem. It’s risky, but it’s a risk Cadence has to take. Because she’s starting to realise the lengths the conspirators are prepared to go to in order to achieve their goals, and the parents she’s only just reconnecting with might be next in the firing line…

New Dawn

Hart and Soul Book 3: New Dawn

“Laugh and I’ll kill you,” I say as I walk in to the living room, “and you’re already dead, so that could be interesting.”

The past is never far behind in a world where the dead have escaped from Hell to walk among the living, and Cadence Hart is about to get very up close and personal with a part of hers she’d rather forget.

Daniel Charlesworth, the recently chosen spiritual leader for New Dawn wants Cadence’s help. In most circumstances, Cadence would rather gouge her own eyes out with a spoon than do anything for Charlesworth – especially when he seems set on dredging up all her worst memories. But a group of Dawner girls might have been victims of assault and Cadence knows she’s the only person with the necessary skills to find out what really happened.

To do so, Cadence will have to face up to her past, and even with Matthew as her back up, that isn’t going to be easy. Because Cadence might be the best when it comes to literal Demons, but figurative ones are something else entirely…

"The pace is phenomenal, every sentence draws you on to the next."