Hart and Soul Book 4: Good Deeds

The Mayor smiles, a glint of sharp edges in his eyes. “I wouldn’t presume to talk shop while you’re busy saving my life.”

Cadence Hart has survived an attempt on her life, and she’s dealing with it just fine, thank you very much. She doesn’t need to be treated like she’s made of glass, and she definitely doesn’t need to be sent to see a counsellor, no matter what her boss might think is for the best.

What Cadence really needs is to be working - patrolling the streets, chasing down Shades and sending Souls back to the Hell they escaped from. But a routine patrol at a political rally ends violently when Mayor Harvey Curwood is shot, and when it becomes clear that a Soul pulled the trigger, Cadence is tasked with solving his attempted murder.

It should be a simple job of finding the Soul and Deporting them. But Cadence knows better than anyone - even in a world where a flaming sword can distinguish between the innocent and the guilty, morality is never as simple as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.