Hart and Soul Book 9: Last Rites

I reach for my sword at the place where it’s normally propped at the side of my bed, fingers closing around thin air before I remember that I no longer have it. It’s the first thing I’m going to have to remedy, the only firm plan I have.

Cadence Hart is lucky to be alive. Her attempt to blow the Demon Blood Conspiracy apart has left her colleague dead, her Soul partner, Matthew, captured and Cadence herself in hospital.

But while Inspector Manning would be happy for her to stay right where she is, thank you very much, Cadence can’t. Because if she doesn’t rescue Matthew, no one else will.

Cadence doesn’t have a plan. She doesn’t even have a sword. But that’s not going to stop her embarking on a one-woman vigilante mission to take down the Demon Blood conspirators once and for all…

Or die trying.