Hart and Soul Book 3: New Dawn

“Laugh and I’ll kill you,” I say as I walk in to the living room, “and you’re already dead, so that could be interesting.”

The past is never far behind in a world where the dead have escaped from Hell to walk among the living, and Cadence Hart is about to get very up close and personal with a part of hers she’d rather forget.

Daniel Charlesworth, the recently chosen spiritual leader for New Dawn wants Cadence’s help. In most circumstances, Cadence would rather gouge her own eyes out with a spoon than do anything for Charlesworth – especially when he seems set on dredging up all her worst memories. But a group of Dawner girls might have been victims of assault and Cadence knows she’s the only person with the necessary skills to find out what really happened.

To do so, Cadence will have to face up to her past, and even with Matthew as her back up, that isn’t going to be easy. Because Cadence might be the best when it comes to literal Demons, but figurative ones are something else entirely…

"The pace is phenomenal, every sentence draws you on to the next."