Hart and Soul Book 6: Soul Hunt

“Everyone has a weakness, Cadence Hart,” she says, her voice slick as oil in my ears. “Everyone has a pressure point. One word is all it takes. Just one, and I could have you unravelled.”

Cadence Hart has faced Shades, murderous Souls and living people who would hurt her if they could. But none of that compares to a Level Four Soul.

A neighbourhood has been evacuated. The military are on hand to assist. But only Cadence and her fellow Deportations Officers have the weapons that can send a Level Four back to Hell. The trick is getting close enough to do it without getting killed.

Cadence will need all her strength, all her skill if she’s to stay alive, but an encounter with a talking Demon leaves Cadence with questions about her Soul partner Matthew. Questions she can’t afford to think about with a Level Four to deport, but questions that haunt her all the same. Will she survive the battle, or will his secrets destroy them both?