Hart and Soul Book 5: Soul Tithe

Before I even get the car parked, I realise the peace of the night has already been broken in a way I wasn’t expecting. My mother is sat on my front porch.

Cadence is finally back on the trail of the Demon Blood conspirators thanks to a lucky break on her last case. But before she can make any real headway with the data she’s acquired, Daniel Charlesworth has a curveball for her. He wants to open the doors of New Dawn to Souls – but only if they can pay.

The change to New Dawn’s religious doctrine throws the city into chaos, with Souls flooding the streets looking for donations. With the police force stretched to their limits just to keep some semblance of control, it will take more than just their usual tactics to solve the issues Charlesworth has caused.

But the situation also presents Cadence with an opportunity to solve another problem. It’s risky, but it’s a risk Cadence has to take. Because she’s starting to realise the lengths the conspirators are prepared to go to in order to achieve their goals, and the parents she’s only just reconnecting with might be next in the firing line…